A friendly platform to link travelers and local hosts.



The online marketplace for arranging or offering lodging, primarily accommodation listings and tour experiences.


You can easily link travelers and locals as the marketplace owner. Travelers get to stay in local places and experience the culture. Locals have the opportunity to make money out of their places and share their local cultural heritage.





Save Money

When traveling

Make Money

When hosting

Share Culture

And sustainable
development by local
connections to the area

Fully Customizable

Adaptable Business Model

Versatile Design System


UX Engineered with Real Users


Web & Mobile PWA Standards


I’m really happy with my experience, booking resorts in northern and southern Iran and amazing Kashan. Wish you luck!

Lisa Williams

Lemberg made it easy for me to find a unique place at the right price. I traveled safe with peace in my mind knowing where to stay, safety and amenities.

Larry Duncan

You had a higher neck than other services. I found your service very convenient and fast where I wanted to stay.

Nicole Pearson


Your Passport to Immersive Local Culture!

See the Gateway to Authentic Travel Experiences

01 Web Platform

02 Hosts App

03 Admin Dashboard

01 Web Platform

Flexible homepage
Listings With Reviews
Smart Filters
Detailed Product Page
Easy Order and Onboarding Flow

02 Hosts App

Easy & Coherent Property Management
Availability & Prices
Requests & Guests

03 Admin Dashboard

Manage All Requests And Properties
Dynamic Reservation Entries
Adaptable Business Model and Payments
Credits, Gifts and Discount Management

Comments & Rating System
Staff Access Control Level
Single User Management System (single login for all platforms)
Social And 2-factor Authentications