Remote ready business phone solution!

Create a virtual phone system for sales and customer service teams from anywhere in the world.

  • Integrated Communication Channels
  • Professional Experts Ready to Answer up to 50,000 calls
  • Specialized Customer Care solutions
  • Multilingual Answering Capability
  • Contact Center Management Software
  • 1500 Simultaneous Calls
  • Cloud and On-Site Capable
  • Analytics And Monitoring Reports
  • VOIP Ready

Our most important task is improving communication between you and your customers.

Why Fumbach?

Competitive Pricing

API Friendly

Web-based cloud ready panel

Multilingual Platform

Business Intelligence Tools

+ Active Contact Services

which includes

24×7 active response team
Reduced operating costs for staff, setup and maintenance
Load balancing by flexible operators at peak times
Lifting restrictions on answering calls
No HR headaches
Continuous expert team trainings

Technical Specs

+ VOIP protocols compatibility
+ IVR management and response tree
+ Voice Mail
+ Conversation records management
+ Call transfer
+ Automatic caller
+ Monitoring and reporting system at all access levels
+ Integrated polling system
+ Knowledge management and automatic response
+ Unified messaging
+ User Management
+ Groups and organizations Management
+ API and documentation for further integration


Why outsourcing is a better choice for you?
  1. Because you prefer to use the company’s resources on your core business.
  2. The cost of performing the organization’s behind-the-scenes operations is very high and usually not worth the initial investment.
  3. Outsourcing allows you to avoid the risk of periodic changes in financial and human resources.
  4. Contact center experts must have skills that inexperienced employees lack. With outsourcing, your work is done professionally by people who have been trained to do so.
  5. Other benefits such as following could be considered: increasing efficiency, reducing scale costs, offload marketing time and changing capacity.
How to use Fumbach with marketing campaigns?

Following clues and opportunities closely is the key to have an effective advertising campaign. This cannot happen without professional and compassionate response team members. We help you improve the call quality and attract new customers to your business.

Who can use Fumbach services?

Everyone who is looking for a wider customer satisfaction and response time. It could include but not limited to online retailers, schools and colleges, members of parliament, website and platform owners, government agencies.

What does Fumbach mean?

Fumbach is the name of a river near our head quarter office. Team members used to hold brainstorming meetings near this river. This river is very important for our team members. This beautiful, invigorating river, with its inspiring sight and sounds, has a unique power that connects team members with nature. This connection made us think about choosing this name for the contact center software. The goal to create the contact center at Pirmasens RE, is to entrepreneurship and help employment of residents in this area. Our one and only purpose is to provide the best type of facilities for you at Fumbach CC.

What are the technical requirements?

We handle the infrastructures, period! It means no technical or logistic requirements are necessary. The only requirement is to evaluate your customers properly, we need you to have over 500 incoming daily calls.